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      1. Mill Management System Senses

        Sensibly connected.

        Senses Elements

        With a single program, you can now manage your entire production and quality assurance facilities along the textile chain. Senses, the digital Mill Management System from Saurer, bundles and analyzes production, quality and performance data across all divisions. Even machines from third-party manufacturers can be managed. In real time. Secure. From everywhere.


        With a single program, you can now manage your entire production and quality assurance facilities along the textile chain. Senses, the digital Mill Management System from Saurer, bundles and analyzes production, quality and performance data across all divisions. Even machines from third-party manufacturers can be managed. In real time. Secure. From everywhere.

        Your digital senses for your success

        • Senses – the digital mill management System
        • One web application for all your spinning mills (even those from third-party providers)
        • Cross-process analysis for an increase in productivity
        • Complete data control and security
        • Works across areas and Locations
        • Modularly expandable via its own software shop
        • Suitable for mobile devices
        Senses Manager Mobil

        Knowledge in real time

        Senses provides information about production data and machine conditions accurate to the second. Plan deviations, quality fluctuations or irregularities are thus detected in real time and managed specifically. The sum of the data helps to comprehensively analyse processes in order to find opportunities for optimisations.

        Simply react quicker

        Shorter reaction times increase efficiency: by detecting off-standard spindles immediately, by providing information when freely definable, product-specific limit values are exceeded or by identifying stationary spindles according to the idle position report. This way Senses minimises downtimes and combats production stoppages.

        Senses Cockpit

        Convenience with all senses

        The individually configurable cockpit shows each user the information important to them at a glance – in list or graph form. This allows favourite reports to be easily created that are made available automatically at certain times.

        Total control

        As Senses is a locally hosted web application, all data is stored on your own servers. Evaluations can thus be carried out immediately during operation. While other providers save your sensitive production data in the cloud, with Senses you have everything under control.

        Senses mobile in front of the machine

        At home on any device

        As a web application, you can use Senses to its full extent from any mobile device, whether it's a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to secure access, analyses can be performed just as conveniently from your couch at home as from any other internet connection – worldwide.

        Senses Manager at Desktop PC

        Customisable for every user

        Thanks to the clear, consistent interface, it's easy for any user to quickly become familiar with Senses. With the extensive role and rights management tool you can define which user gets access to which data with just a few clicks. Thus everyone, whether senior management, production manager, quality manager or machine operator, always has precise access to the information relevant to them.

        One of the most modern solutions – always

        No matter what requirements demand digital solutions in the future, Senses integrates them into one single software package. Further development is based on the demands of the global Saurer customer pool.

        You can order additional Senses Elements as function expansions in the integrated Saurer software shop. The closed security architecture protects your business and data from external access. With each expansion, Senses becomes more powerful and can map additional processes. The components enable a continuous, data-driven process of improvement of your mill management.

        Senses Module Graphic

        The first Senses Elements are ready

        • Expand your digital senses with Senses Elements. To begin, the Senses Elements Maintenance and Workforce are available. Further Senses Elements will follow.
        • The Senses Element Maintenance structures and simplifies all maintenance processes and increases their efficiency. With or without machine connection.
        • Use Senses Element Workforce for effective staff deployment. Define and optimise staff requirements easily for each machine and shift. The system automatically informs the employees of the location and time they are required for work.
        Experience Senses Elements

        Schlafhorst Systems

        Schlafhorst Systems offer the highest versatility in the market. Whether an application requires the uniqueness and productivity of air spinning or the smart flexibility of rotor spinning, we have the solution for you. Starting from the blow room and carding, the Schlafhorst Systems are designed to ensure the excellent utilization of any kind of fibre.
        Experience Schlafhorst Systems

        Zinser Systems

        Zinser Systems offer a wide range of specialized ring spinning solutions from bale to package. Starting from the blow room and carding, Zinser Systems is designed to ensure the excellent processing of fibres. Efficient ring spinning machinery combined with intelligent winding machinery guarantee high yarn quality.

        Experience Zinser Systems
        Saurer Laboratory Test Evaluation

        Autolab - Precise and connected

        Saurer Autolab laboratory systems offer you the most modern, highly precise measuring devices with unique technologies and convenient operation easy to operate.

        The Saurer solution for intelligent data collection and analysis includes involves networking between the Saurer Autolab laboratory system, Saurer machines and Senses. This means that in addition to being able to display and evaluate the production data of machines from Saurer and third-party providers from across different production areas, the quality data of the laboratory systems can also be displayed and evaluated in a single application.

        Experience Autolab


        Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.

        Sun – Service Unlimited

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        Unique smart solutions to increase the benefit to the customer.
        Notable performance and sustainability throughout the machine lifetime.

        We keep you competitive.

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        Updates and Upgrades

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        Secos grey Background
        Secos – Saurer Customer Portal
        E-shop, info tool and more
        Experience Secos

        Digital Team

        Should you have questions about Senses, Senses Elements, the Calculator App or require additional guidance, kindly get in touch with our Digital team. As your partner, we pride ourselves in providing expert and swift support. You can reach us at info.senses@www.nz64qi.cn.

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